Exploring the creative interior process.


Hatchmark builds brands that stand out and above the rest to hold their own and set their organization apart in an all-too-often sea of the same. We were tasked with building a visual representation of the excellence they bring to every project. 

Part of helping brands stand out involves a deep level of adaptability and range. In some sense, featuring all of their projects in a portfolio goes against a core principle of the process, consistency. The work is so expansive that it’s impossible to porpoerly scope the work in a single presentation. So we asked ourselves, how can we create a film that elicits the same feelings you would want someone to feel when they look at your portfolio.

The interior of the creative process is a sort of mystery. There’s a certain density and uknowability of the creative mind. As a design studio they are translating the ambiguous interior process of networking into a clear, interpretable, executable, ideas. We’re honoring the complexity of this interior world.  This is in honor of the things that happen behind closed doors at the agency. This is the magic… but it’s something we all know and love naturally. Nature.

As we got to know the brand, and did the necessary R&D of drinking their beers, we quickly entered into an experimental mindset in trying to determine how we could visualize the level of detail and intention that goes into crafting their beers. We spent some time exploring the different flavor profiles and quickly started building small sets to visualize the taste of their beers.

Working closely with our Art Director, Austin Owens, we carefully crafted a wall that was wrapped in the various personalities that make us Hatchmark Studio, a visualization of their ethos. Austin worked closely with the our Director Destyn Patera and gaffer, Liam Dunaway to shape the room progressively. The production team simultaneosly collected varios art direction elements and developed various creative lighting techniques to tell the HMS teams history in a single frame. From concept to screen we maticulously framed this space. 

Destyn and the Lensea team are such an incredible addition to the south east. The team is not only extremely knowledgable in what they offer but also able to articulate in a way that makes collaboration and creation feel effortless and intentional. While Lensea has a large portfolio of clients they also somehow make you feel like you are their only client and priority. The Lensea team are experts in what they do and a forward-looking company. They are without a doubt the best of the best and a joy to work with.

Jessie Radcliff

Perdido Beach Resort Revenue Manager

It’s hard to write a review for Lensea because it’s more than just a business. It’s an amazing team of extremely talented individuals that work together seamlessly, but all bring a ton of individual character to every aspect of the work they do. From the processes of developing, writing, planning, shooting to sound design, editing and delivering the final product, there was no detail missed. Each step of the way we were so thrilled and thankful to be working with a team that you could tell cared deeply about the the work they were doing. It’s rare to have one person of passion invested in any project and we felt extremely fortunate that each and every person on the team was fully devoted to the quality of their work. We look forward to working with a team with such heart again!

Ryan Eaton

CEO Big Jerk Soda

I can not recommend Lensea enough! The team they have cultivated is outstanding and if I could, I would travel them for every shoot I do. They are professional, reliable, efficient and they roll with the ever changing direction of documentary making with the most positive attitudes. Each team member is a joy to work with and I can only hope everyone else has the pleasure of working with them.

Bridget Topp

Producer for Blue Angels Documentary

Destyn and the Lensea team are top notch – they are a collective of highly creative, efficient, collaborative professionals that work with you hand-in-hand to achieve your vision and goals – on budget and deadline. Having worked with dozens of creative production companies from NY to LA, I can strongly recommend Lensea Film as creative partners who will deliver a seamless, stress-free production experience from start to finish and a stellar product.

Claire Campbell

Founder of Ride Society